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Our Leadership Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Peggy Seymour


My name is Peggy Seymour.  I am the President of MSE Landscape Professionals.  After 30-year careers, me as a Registered Nurse and Mike as a Branch Manager for a large landscape company,  we decided to “put our money where our mouth was” and transform the landscape industry.  Our experience in the four companies that Mike had worked with was that only one person truly benefitted: the owner.  Employees were underpaid, undervalued, and promised a litany of rewards that never materialized.  Clients were underserved and promises were broken frequently.  It just plain didn’t work for us.


We knew that we could do better.  We opened MSE Landscape during the recession of 2007.  We believed that we could create a company that put people above profit, put our clients first and always served our community.  Mike would be responsible for all operations, and I was (and still am) responsible for sustaining and expanding our culture.  We committed to always treat our employees and customers with the respect and gratitude they deserved.  Servant leadership would be our brand.


It worked.  By 2009, MSE was a 3-million-dollar company, with happy employees and loyal customers.  We have since grown to be an 11-million-dollar company with offices throughout Southern California.  As President, I am responsible for who we are.  I am hands-on in the hiring and onboarding process, branding, employee training and development, community relations and strategic planning. To this day, our customers and employees come first.  Our community, including the 22 charities that MSE supports, come next.  We continue to grow profitably.  It’s working and I am proud of what we have created.   

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Ellen Williams


Ellen Williams, a corporate efficiency expert, transforms company cultures for success and employee engagement.


Notable achievements include guiding a multibillion-dollar agricultural producer's US market entry and retooling executive collaboration in a multimillion-dollar landscaping firm.


As a serial entrepreneur, she founded multiple companies as the business partner across industries.  A former foster kid, her most important project is founding and leading Better Together Resource Family Agency, which revolutionizes foster care through better training and recruitment of foster parents and keeping sibling sets together in placement. 


She is the former Executive Director of the Samuel Lawrence Foundation. Undergraduate degree in English from UC Berkeley, M.Ed in Curriculum Development from the University of San Diego, graduating from USD JD program in Spring 2024 with a focus on non-profits, corporate law & taxation.


Ellen brings her passion running a farm preschool for the past 10 years to MSE Landscaping Professionals


Mike Seymour

COO & Vice President

Mike Seymour has more than 40 years of landscape design, construction, and maintenance experience.

MSE Landscape Professionals was created out of Mike's integrity and vision that the landscape industry could be raised to a much higher level by the way employees are treated to the quality of customer and landscape services provided.

A defining quality for Mike is his commitment to servant leadership and truly putting customers and employees first. A career motivator, Mike has devoted his life to identifying people's hidden potential and helping them develop into greatness.

Mike is a certified Arborist, certified horticulturist, and a qualified applicator licensee. Additionally, he holds a C-27 Landscaping Contractors License and an A+ BBB rating.

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