When left to their own devices, insects can cause a lot of damage to your trees. Here in Southern California, various tree insects can infest them and affect their health and appearance, including aphids, Japanese beetles, mites, whiteflies, and many more. If you think your trees are infested with insects, you'll want to reach out to professionals and schedule curative treatments to eliminate them. Then, you'll want to opt for fertilization treatments to give them a much-needed nutrient boost to recover from insect damage.

Common Tree Insects in Southern California

Southern California is home to a plethora of insects that can cause a lot of problems for your trees. To help prevent extensive damage, you'll want to know what to look out for! Here are some common tree insects here and what their damage looks like:

  • Aphids: These insects are small with long, piercing mouthparts that they use to suck out essential plant juices from your trees. Aphid-infested trees have yellow leaves that may wilt and curl when it's severe.
  • Whiteflies: Whiteflies have light yellow or white bodies, white wings, and piercing mouthparts used to draw out the sap from the stems and leaves of your trees. These pests cause yellow leaves that will eventually die and fall off.
  • Mites: These insects are extremely small and very hard to detect. Mites damage your trees by sucking cell contents out of the foliage, causing them to have brown or yellow leaves that are curling or wilting.
  • Japanese beetles: Known for their shiny, copper-green bodies, Japanese beetles will feed on anything in their path, including your trees' stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. The leaves on your trees can turn brown, wilt, and drop if they are infested with this pest.

Other insects in the Southern California area that spell trouble for your trees include grubs, gall wasps, mealybugs, western pine beetles, and more.

What should you do if there are insects on your trees?

If your trees are showing signs of insect damage, you need to contact professionals as soon as possible. When you hire professionals, they will closely examine your trees to properly identify what insect is causing the issue. Then, they'll use curative treatments proven effective against them, stopping them in their tracks before they wreak any more havoc. What's more, pros possess honed skills to properly administer their products to ensure they work efficiently in eradicating insect infestations.

Help your trees recover from insect damage by scheduling fertilization treatments.

While tree insect control treatments will effectively eliminate the infestation from your trees, they won't reverse any damage that has already been inflicted. Fortunately, you can schedule fertilization treatments to help your trees recover! Fertilizers contain essential nutrients that will boost the health of your trees, strengthen them, and get them back on track to robust growth. The nutrients from these treatments will also help them regain their vibrant green color and lush foliage.

Call us today to schedule our tree insect control and fertilization treatments!

At MSE Landscape Professionals, we offer tree insect control treatments to eradicate pests on your trees in Southern California and keep them from causing extensive damage. We can also nurse your damaged trees back to optimal health with our fertilization treatments, which we will apply via liquid soil injection or as granules.

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