With the beautiful weather nearly year-round in California, you may opt for investing in a patio to serve as the foundation for outside gatherings. If that's the case, there are several paver pattern options that you can consider to make it eye-catching, like herringbone, running bond, stack bond, and basketweave. Whether you like a simple, timeless design or a complex, unique one, these patterns each offer a specific aesthetic, and you can choose which suits your preferences best!

Herringbone is an eye-catching paver pattern to consider for your patio.

Herringbone is a paver pattern that will give your patio an equally stunning and unique look. This pattern is achieved by placing rectangular pavers in a zig-zag pattern on a 45-degree or 90-degree angle, creating an eye-catching display. Additionally, the cross-hatching of pavers forms many interlocking joints that allow your patio to withstand heavy weight and endure daily foot traffic.

This pattern is also not backing down when it comes to aesthetics. Herringbone will add a visual flair and character to your patio with its stunning weave-like pattern. If you want to take your patio's already impressive looks up a notch, you can use different pavers with complementary colors to make it more stunning!

Get the classic patio aesthetic by using a running bond paver pattern.

Another paver pattern that you can use for your patio is running bond, where pavers are positioned in linear rows, with every other one offset by half the length of the top one. Every other row will line up, creating an attractive symmetrical pattern. Thorough installation is crucial for this paver pattern to ensure the lines are straight and your finished patio will have this classic aesthetic that will stand the test of time. You can also incorporate different colors of pavers for this pattern to add a unique charm to your patio.

Some common paver types used for patios include concrete pavers and stone pavers like sandstone, granite, and flagstone.

The stack bond pattern will make your patio look pristine and attractive.

The stack bond pattern is similar to the running bond pattern, except each row is layered atop each other to form continuous lines and a more uniform, symmetrical appearance. The saying "simplicity is beauty" has never rung more true than with stack bond. When done right, this paver pattern will give your patio a pristine and attractive look that can make it look wide, thanks to its neat, straight lines.

Explore the versatile design options of the basketweave pattern for your patio.

Another eye-catching paver pattern that you can use for your new patio is basketweave. You can create this pattern by alternating pairs of horizontal and vertical pavers in each row and column, producing a style that resembles a woven basket. However, this pattern is more versatile than you think! You can turn the pavers at a 45-degree angle to make the pattern look diagonal. Similarly, instead of using pairs of pavers, you can use one vertical and two horizontal ones to create a more interesting design!

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