Adding a fire pit to your outdoor living space in California is a great way to enhance your outdoor environment while increasing your property value. Fire pits can be fueled in different ways: gas, wood, or propane. Gas-burning fire pits are convenient and low-maintenance because you can start a fire by turning on a switch while wood-burning fire pits take more work to start a fire but offer a distinct campfire feel that can't be replicated by gas-burning fire pits. Propane-burning fire pits are also a great option; they are easy to use like gas-burning fire pits but you need to replace the propane tank when they run out. All three of these options are great, and which one you choose to go with will come down to your personal preference!

A gas-burning fire pit is easy to use and low-maintenance.

If you want a fire pit that is low-maintenance and easy to use, you may want to go with a gas-burning fire pit. This type of fire pit is an excellent choice because it can easily be turned on and off by simply pressing a button. Gas fire pits also burn cleanly because they produce little to no smoke, so you don't have to worry about your clothes smelling like smoke after you spend time around the fire. What's more, there is no cleanup involved with gas-burning fire pits because they don't leave any physical remnants like wood and ash. All you need to do is turn off the gas and you can be on your way.

A wood-burning fire provides a classic campfire feel.

If you're a fan of the classic campfire vibe, a wood-burning fire pit is perfect for you. The crackling sound and unique aroma of burning wood will create a cozy and inviting ambiance in your outdoor living space that cannot be replicated by a gas or propane-burning fire pit. While you do have to start the fire manually and keep feeding it wood to keep the fire going, these are tasks that many people enjoy performing!

The smoke from wood-burning fire pits has been known to deter mosquitoes!

A propane-burning fire pit is an easy-to-use option!

A propane-burning fire pit bears a resemblance to the convenience of gas fire pits. Starting a fire is almost instantaneous because you can do is turn on the propane and press a button to ignite the flames! Also, just like with gas-burning fire pits, propane-burning fire pits don't leave soot behind, so you don't have to worry about cleaning up any type of mess after you use it. All you need to do is turn the propane off to put out the fire. However, you will need to replace your propane tank on occasion once it runs out, and the frequency in which you will need to perform this task will depend on how often you use your fire pit.

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